As several of our team members present formally on a regular basis, I found Mike’s insights particularly useful. Too often we focus on our content and forget about connecting with the audience. While some methods are unorthodox, incorporating Mike’s approach into our meetings has had a dramatic impact.

Mark Haussermann, Vice President 
Merrill Lynch

I owe you a huge expression of gratitude. I got your Pitch Ninja book about 3 days before pitched for the Tech Wildcatters Accelerator program. I had pitch coaching before and usually give a strong pitch. Your concept of persuasive choreography, however, pushed my pitch over the edge. We were invited to join program!

Detrick DeBurr
Game Time Giving

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for putting on an incredible innovation tournament for Accretive. You and the rest of the innovation team were all incredible.

The tournament was a blast and Team Birmingham benefited greatly from being a part of it. It was a pleasure to work with you, and we appreciated all of your feedback and coaching. The Pitch Ninja Training was especially exciting and innovative in its own way. The skills we learned will benefit us in our careers for many years to come. My hope is that the Accretive Leadership team will keep the spirit of innovation alive long after the end of this tournament, and maybe we will get to work with you again in the future.

Conyers Poole
Accretive Health

I wanted to follow up with you because we had our final COIT/BSG presentation last week in front of the judges, and our team won! Thank you again for taking the time last month to help us think through how to craft an effective presentation. I think especially your insights on intentionally moving through the "zones" during the presentation was one of the least intuitive and most effective tools for us.

Kristin Francoz
University of Chicago MBA Student

There are few people who can make your presentation sing like Mike Moyer. Pitch Ninja is the best guide I’ve seen to turning the typical blah presentation into a compelling, charismatic performance — one that allows you to connect with the audience in ways you never knew were possible. This is a must for anyone trying to communicate and sell a concept.

Avi Stopper
Founder, Captain U

Mike is a raconteur as much as he is an entrepreneur. Like Lincoln, or Twain, or Ira Glass, he knows the power of a tale well told. Pitch Ninja is informative, quixotic, and value-creative.

Bob Rosenberg
Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Mike was able to get us all to seamlessly work together as a team. He showed us how to make perfect transitions and complement each other’s role. After working with Mike we not only delivered a winning presentation, but also we were working together better as a team.

James MacEachern

Your book will definitely help me take my presentation to a higher level now that I know about the zones, showing my armpits, and getting out of the magnetic South Pole!

The place I'm really looking forward to experimenting is in sales mode. Max and I are opening one new business and I am changing direction (pivoting) with Planet Einstein's learning division.....so the sales pitch advice should come in handy. I've read a million sales books, taken almost a million classes in formal sales training, but your practical techniques make all those pale in comparison. It makes such sense.

Jackie Schwartz 
Planet Einstein
Pitch This!