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Mike Moyer can turn your team into Pitch Ninjas. Close more business, raise more money, inspire people to action!

The world is awash with boring presentations. Even talented salespeople and successful executives often deliver dry, passionless presentations. Pitch Ninja coaching can help anyone–from the newbie to the seasoned executive–into a public-speaking star!

A typical engagement consists of a mix of a lecture-style presentation where Mike lays the groundwork and demonstrates the skills of the Pitch Ninja. Next, are breakout sessions with individuals and teams to work on specific pitches or general skills.

At the core of the program is the Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program which includes:

  1. The Intimacy Zone where speakers “break the plane” and form emotional ties with audience members
  2. The Excitement Zone where speakers apply the traits of the silver-back gorilla and get the crowd engaged in their message
  3. The Information Zone where speakers use “weatherman” techniques to communicate the details of their plan

For each zone there is a set of verbal, nonverbal and content-creation skills that will help the presenter make a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Coaching clients will learn the power of the itsy-bity spider and how to use “magic hands” to interact with their own presentations.

Mike can not only help you sharpen your presentation skills, but also help you craft your message and organize your content.

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