Cover No Background SquareA simple method for delivering an exciting, energetic and passionate presentation to persuade your audience.

Pitch Ninja provides practical steps for making your presentation dynamic and engaging by providing a simple framework that emphasizes body language and other non-verbal cues to effectively persuade an audience.

Pitch Ninja is based on the Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program that divides the space used by the presenter into three distinct zones:

  1. The Intimacy Zone is where you make personal connections with audience members
  2. The Excitement Zone is where you pump up the crowd and get them engaged in your message
  3. The Information Zone is where you convey the details of your presentation to decision makers

Each zone has a specific set of behaviors including eye contact, arm movements, gestures and body position. The result is a highly engaging presentation that makes your ideas pop and dazzles your audience. Perfect for the beginner or seasoned professional, every speaker can be a Pitch Ninja!

I’ve read a million sales books, taken almost a million classes in formal sales training, but your practical techniques make all those pale in comparison. It makes such sense!
Jackie Schwartz , Planet Einstein
Pitch This!